Come On, Vomit for a Salary


A phobia clinic in Amsterdam has one key qualification for screening job applicants: Do the candidates have what it takes to puke on cue? Are you ready to lead by example for those with a fear of vomiting? If you can spew yesterday’s dinner all over the floor, the cash is yours.

Although vomiting feels involuntary, hundreds of people have stepped up to the challenge to seize this job opportunity and vomit on call.

Kindt Clinics in Amsterdam is in the screening process for these applications. The clinic deals with people who have anxiety, phobias and PTSD. The clinic specialists treat phobias such as fear of heights, aversion to needles and claustrophobia.

For this particular job posting, they need employees to help people who have a fear of vomiting. It has begun the recruitment process for a part-time position in which a person will vomit on command to assist the clinic’s patients to deal with their vomiting phobia. It’s not a new position as the new hire will fill the position of a retired staff member.

The new employee’s job requirements will consist of vomiting sessions with the patient. The sessions might look disgusting with a messy clean-up at the end but it’s a triumph for the patient crippled with their fears. Is there anything more rewarding than seeing a person overcoming their fears?

“There are many more [applications] than expected. Our new transmitter is certainly among them,” a recruiter said.

Applicants are excited about this job with minimal qualifications. “Now I can finally share my art: vomit on command! If the clinic is still looking for people, I would like to register here.”

If people go to work to feed themselves, this job allows people to go to work to clear out their stomachs. Side-effects of persistent vomiting, like tooth decay, dehydration, acid reflux and heart problems, are concerns for a later date. The short-term goal is to clear out the stomach for the greater good.


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