Company Creates Sweaters From Oyster Shells and Plastic Bottles

With climate change on everyone’s mind, one company has figured out a way to use oyster shells and plastic bottles to create sweaters.

Long Wharf Supply Co. has crafted the Seawell collection, which most are surprised to learn is made from four to five oyster shells and around eight recycled water bottles. “They’re shocked every single time,” the founder of the company, Mike Lamagna, said.

The Massachusetts company said they’re aiming to make oceans and landfills a little cleaner by making sweaters from these materials. Water bottles are a major source of ocean pollution and oyster shells sent to landfills causes the calcium carbonate in the shells to break down slowly and become toxic.

The sales from the sweaters go towards helping the MA Oyster Project, which aims to “seed” recycled oyster shells back into the ocean, where they create a substrate for baby oysters, animals that naturally filter the ocean water.

“Every piece can reseed up to 30 oysters, which will naturally filter up to 1,500 gallons of seawater every single day,” Lamagna said.

Source: https://longwharfsupply.com/pages/seawell-collection