Condo Intruder Accused of Rubbing Women’s Feet While They Sleep

Mark Anthony Gonzales, a 26-year-old man from Atwater, California, had a strange fetishism with feet, which led him to break into homes to tickle peoples’ toes. The victims were startled and jolted up from their sleep only to discover a stranger in their intimate space. 

Gonzales was arrested after he intruded into two Stateline resort condominiums and stroked women’s feet while they were sleeping. He positioned himself at the foot of the ladies’ beds and ran away as soon as they woke up.

Police were able to identify Gonzales as the suspect due to forensic testing methods. Shortly after, officers were able to track down Gonzales and handcuffed him in his residence. 

Credit: Douglas County Sheriff’s Office – Nevada

During the police investigation, Gonzales’ other crimes came to light such as stealing women’s shoes, trespassing and sexual self-gratification. Investigators said his crimes have been getting progressively worse.

Douglas County Sheriff Dan Coverley is relieved Gonzales is now locked up. Gonzales will be “held in Merced County Jail with a bail set at $50,000.” “These types of crimes are especially alarming to a community, and being able to make an arrest allows the victims and community to feel safe again,” Coverley said.

Local community residents don’t have to feel on the edge anymore about a lurking intruder. Gonzales will no longer be around to give an unwanted leg massage.