Construction Worker Removed After Dropping Bag of Poop From Crane


Dublin Live reports that a construction worker was removed from a building site after a video went viral of the man dropping a bag of poop off a crane in Dublin, Ireland.

In the video, the man reveals a red and blue plastic bag and jokes about the joys of being a crane driver. He then drops the bag onto a rooftop directly underneath the crane while laughing hysterically. The bag landed near a skylight after which the man zoomed in to reveal that the contents had exploded on impact, leaving a big mess.

After management got wind of the incident, the culprit was removed from the job site. The project manager explained that the man “was working on the site through a subcontractor” and “will never be able to work on any of the company’s sites again.”

The video has been shared across various social media platforms and has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Some viewers are finding it to be funny to watch. One user said: “I’m going to hell for laughing.”

Others, however, felt differently with many calling for the crane operator to be fired for littering. One user said: “What a pig of a man to do that. Really hope he gets fired.”

Well, I guess you could say that the construction worker was caught brown-handed.


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