Copper Light Towers Are the Latest ATMs


If the wallet is tight, strip the public light towers to fund the personal essentials.

Clarence Wayne Giles, 31, was arrested and taken into custody for charges related to the theft of copper and destroying the infrastructure.

Drivers traveling along I-64 and I-77 through Charleston have noticed that major interchanges were dimmer than in the past. It wasn’t an issue with the electricity as investigators discovered a massive theft of large amounts of copper wire stripped from the new light towers. As a result of extracting the copper, significant damage was left behind.

Joe Crawford, Kanawha County Chief Deputy, said: “We had some thefts that had really occurred throughout Kanawha County and maybe some neighboring counties, but specifically in Kanawha County, Charleston, South Charleston areas where the power outages were occurring with the interstate lights”

He added, “It’s pretty substantial when you look at the amount of copper and the amount of damage to the infrastructure.”

It was confirmed that Giles sold $16,000 worth of copper at a recycling facility which he stole from the light towers at multiple interstate interchanges. The estimated cost of damage to the infrastructure was $1.4 million. Giles faces startling charges after an eventful experience of extracting the precious metal.

He did not pull this act alone as he had assistance from a team wearing hard hats and yellow vests. They passed for workers as people assumed they were doing their job as supposed stealing in the presence of several witnesses.

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