Corporate Office Transforms Into Dog Day Care


Dogs infuse joy and excitement into the monotony of the structured work environment.

One woman felt left out for being the only person in the office without a dog in her pet-friendly office. It was as if the universe heard her concerns because she was about to have a companion dropped off at her cubicle.

In a Reddit post, an office worker wrote: “One day a very frantic woman came in and she had an absolutely massive basset hound with her. She ran up to me and said ‘Do you work here?’ and I said ‘Yes, how can I help you?’ and she said ‘I wasn’t sure if you took walk-ins but I read online I could just drop him off? I tried to call but no answer.'”

The desperate dog owner misunderstood the place as a pet daycare and the equally clueless worker assumed that she was a coworker’s friend. She welcomed the dog in and fell in love with his company.

She explained: “Otis was supremely chill. All he did all day was lie around and drool onto his own ears. I just freshened him up every now and then, took him out every couple hours, and he was happy as a clam on a big cushy dog bed we thankfully had an extra of. He just loved attention from anywhere he could get it.”

Did the pet owner pull a disappearing act or did she return to the office? Fortunately, she did come in the evening to take her dog home.

The Reddit poster did not bother to clarify the situation as it worked out in her favor. She said: “Now, I probably should’ve corrected her. But I loved my day with the office dog and I did want to get paid for supervising this strange dog all day. I just threw out the number that sounded fair and appropriate ‘That’ll be £20.'”

This arrangement was mutually beneficial and continued for weeks. The woman eventually caught on when they took office Christmas card photos and Otis modeled for the holiday photoshoot with his Santa hat. Otis’ owner was friends with one of their clients and she was astonished by the holiday greeting card.

Her response? “Well, I wish you’d said something sooner. Could’ve saved me a lot of embarrassment with my friend back there. Alright, I have to get going. See you at 4 p.m.”

The pet owner was content with the low cost and individual care despite being misled by the work. On the bright side, Otis does not need to part with his work family.


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