Council Threatens Couple Over Barking Bunny


A couple from Boston, Lincolnshire, were utterly confused when they received a letter from council complaining about their noisy dog.

Martin and Yvonne Vickers don’t own a dog, just a seven-year-old rescue rabbit named Joey, but they were told they could be hit with an anti-social behaviour order if they fail to control the noise level of their pet.

Officials from East Lindsey District Council were growing concerned since the horse riders in the area were being put at risk due to ‘excessive barking’ coming from the Vickers’ home. Barking might startle the horse, potentially causing the riders to be thrown off their horse.

Environmental Protection Officer Sue Pailing wrote: “I am writing to advise you that I have received a complaint regarding the behaviour of your dog.

“I understand your dog barks quite excessively whilst in the garden, especially when horse riders go by your fence.

“This is obviously a concern as this could cause a horse to bolt and possibly throw its rider.”

Credit: Tom Maddick/SWNS

Martin and Yvonne took in Joey after a previous neighbour was no longer able to take care of the animal. The white mini lop lives indoors at the couple’s bungalow and does not venture outside as he could get nabbed by a fox.

All the facts led the couple to believe the letter was meant for someone else. After receiving the letter, the couple called council to explain the situation.

“I said we have only got a white rabbit – and he’s not aggressive at all,” Yvonne said.

“Martin then spoke to Sue Paling at the council and she was very nice about it – in fact, we had a good laugh.”

Mrs. Paling confirmed the phone call, saying “Mr. Vickers and I did have quite a chuckle about the mix up and he was very understanding about it.”


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