Couple Charged $500 for Drinks


Checking out new bars and restaurants when on vacation can often be a fun time to explore local dishes. For one couple, it was a way for them to cough up an additional $510 for a few drinks and oysters.

DK Oyster went viral for overcharging Canadian tourists nearly $600 at their restaurant. This time, the Mykonos-based eatery allegedly charged a couple from the United States $510 for a dozen oysters and four drinks. “My husband was like, ‘There’s got to be a mistake,'” New Jersey lawyer Theodora McCormick said.

Unfortunately, the only people who made the mistake was the couple that got bamboozled out of all that cash. The restaurant clearly got what they asked for. The pair had decided to stop by the seafood depot for a drink and a quick snack before heading back to their hotel for the night.

The travelers first realized something was off when they asked a waiter for a cocktail menu and instead had to listen to the server rattle off a list of drink options aloud. The couple decided on ordering two beers, two martinis and a dozen oysters, which they had been pressured into ordering.

The two beers came in large glasses that were filled with a whopping three pints of beer, which could explain the outrageous pricing. The couple figured their bill would be high because of the premium prices but they never dreamed of it being that high.

Credit: Theodora McCormick

“It was Mykonos; we knew it was going to be ridiculous… 250-odd euros, that’s what we were thinking. But we got the bill and it was around 500 euros,” McCormick said.

When they tried to complain about the bill, the pair became surrounded by “a group of big, hulking” male servers who refused to leave the table until the diners agreed to pay. The travelers paid for the bill just to get away from the restaurant.

After arriving back at their hotel, they confirmed their worst fears and found numerous negative reviews on the DK Oyster’s Tripadvisor page. Many dissatisfied customers labeled the place as a “total ripoff” run by “thieves” and the “worst place in all of Greece.”

DK’s owner Dimitrios Kalamaras has denied the allegations about the restaurant despite having to pay a $30,000 fine for scamming tourists in the past.


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