Couple’s Lottery Win Gets Multiplied By a Thousand


Money that requires little effort to attain is great regardless of the value. Even though not all wins are equal, people are relatively happy whether their wins gain them a cup of coffee or a mansion. A couple in Lynnwood was content to find out that their HIT 5 lottery ticket earned them $360. Their joy magnified when they found out they had to add three zeros to that expected number.

The winner of the ticket bought it from Fred Meyer and assumed the prize money was $360. He attempted to cash the prize in the store but the transaction was not possible as the amount was too large to withdraw. In his eyes, $360 should be a reasonable amount for any store to dispense as the store limit is $600.

The employee at Fred Meyer informed him of the true value of the ticket: $360,000. The man was in disbelief that he almost fell to the floor. The employee offered to give him a seat but he refused. He leaped out of the store in joy saying he needs to cash the ticket.

He shared the good news with his wife who was also justifiably shocked. They were confused about how a “tiny piece of paper” could contain such a significant amount of value. That’s the luck of the lottery system. Financial struggles get uplifted in minutes.

When they went to claim their winnings, their first spending was a cheque to their son and daughter-in-law for $10,000 to support their first child. That leaves the couple with $350,000 to live out their wildest retirement life.


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