Courtroom Casual Leaves Judge Unimpressed


In any court hearing, the one thing you do not want to do is tick off the judge. The judge is often the one creating the sentence. Do you really want a harsher ruling?

Apparently, Adam Jewell was looking for a tougher sentence when he appeared in front of a judge wearing shorts. Jewell faced magistrates in Newport, south Wales, for driving while banned for the fourth time. The 28-year-old was also found to be high on cannabis when he was pulled over in December 2021.

Upset at the violation, Jewell rolled up to court rocking workout shorts, a pair of Adidas slip-ons, a Nike T-shirt and a green hoodie. Perfect for a few hours at the gym, not something you’d wear appearing in court.

Judge Stephen Harmes presided over the hearing. He told Jewell, “Next time you come to court, don’t wear shorts.” With 24 convictions under his belt, Jewell was rather quite relaxed at the situation and responded to the judge with: “Yeah, okay.”

Jewell has three previous convictions for driving while disqualified. At a hearing in January 2022, he was give a 33-month driving ban and jailed for eight weeks.

Judge Harmes said: “If all these offences were being dealt with at the same time, we may have been looking at 12 to 16 weeks in custody. But I’m not going to do that today because if the prosecution wanted that to happen, they should have brought him in for them all at the same time.

“The 33-month ban is fine. He can pay a fine.”

Apparently, Jewell wasn’t actually aware of the dress code in court and was ordered to pay around $730 in fines and costs for his convictions.


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