COVID-19 Testing Site Closed Due to Influx of Venomous Snakes


A testing facility in St. Marys, Australia, was shut down unexpectedly after venomous snakes were found in the area. Employees reported spotting a handful of red-bellied black snakes, a species of venomous snake native to Australia. Each of the snakes was varying in size from small to “medium-sized” snakes.

The company Australian Snake Catchers was called in to remove the snakes. They posted a video on their Facebook page sharing their experience catching the animals using a wheelie bin, hook and snake bag.

Owner Sean Cade explained that multiple snake sightings were normal for this time of year. “The red-bellied black snakes may have misread RAT testing.

“Staff had originally sighted a medium-sized snake on Friday last week, and due to improved weather conditions and the influx of babies being born over the last couple of months, they sighted a couple of baby snakes again on Monday. So they temporarily closed the testing facility until we attended,” he said.

The snakes were all successfully caught and released close to a nearby waterway. Cade and his team conducted an inspection of the testing site to ensure there were no other snakes slithering about… at least for now anyway.


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