Coyote Finds Hiding Spot in Family’s Bathroom


Coyotes are extremely clever animals so when one needs a hiding spot, it’s only natural for it to end up in someone’s home. Officers from the Trenton Police Department in Ohio were called to a home in the early hours when residents uncovered a coyote in their bathroom.

Adam Whaley and his family told police the coyote must have entered the home shortly before they noticed the animal since they had left the front door open so they could load up a vehicle for a road trip. The coyote was discovered in the first-floor bathroom and was hiding behind the toilet.

Whaley posted about the incident on Facebook. “We didn’t realize he had snuck in there until we turned the lights on and saw him staring,” he wrote in the post.

Instead of trying to get the animal out themselves, Whaley said they called the police and asked for assistance. The Trenton Police Department was able to safely remove the animal from the home and it was released unharmed.


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