Coyote Uses Doggie Door to Sneak Into Home

A coyote prowling the streets made its way inside a Woodland Hills home through an unoccupied doggie door.

Julie Levine captured the coyote sniffing around her home late at night using her home surveillance system. Her three dogs also managed to snuff out the situation before it became one.

After jumping a wall and lurking in the dark, the coyote was able to find Levine’s doggie door for her own pups. Figuring the door was an open invitation to come inside, the coyote lets itself right into Levine’s home. After a few minutes, the coyote pokes its head outside and walks away, never to be seen again.

Levine gives all the credit to her three beagles for the coyote’s short stay.

“I think he probably went down the hall, saw what he was up against, and probably skedaddled out of there. Then when the dogs realized they caught the scent, because they are beagles, they have incredible noses, and went nuts, and that’s why I decided to look at the security camera to see what all the hubbub was about, and turns out, it was a very large coyote.”

Levine runs a non-profit dog rescue and is a big fan of pups but that experience might have been too close to comfort for her. Since the incident, she has boarded up the doggie door and will be keeping her own dogs on a short leash, ensuring they only go outside with supervision.