Creepy Doll Strolls the Streets


Kendra Walden, a resident in Pinson, Alabama, had her jaw drop to the floor when she spotted a Chucky doll walking down the street during the afternoon. What is a life-size doll doing in the neighborhood and should she be running for her life?

“I almost had a heart attack,” Walden said.

Her heartbeat returned to normal when she realized there was no threat since it was just a child dressed up as the evil character from the horror film Child’s Play.

She shared the startling encounter on Facebook, where photos revealed a figure in a costume with overalls and a striped shirt. Similar to the movie character, the dressed-up doll had long red hair.

Walden soon discovered that Jackson was the five-year-old boy under the costume. Apparently, the boy gets a kick out of wearing old Halloween costumes throughout the year. Why go to school with a uniform when you can spice it up and spook classmates with creepy doll impressions?

Britnee Reed, Jackson’s mother, said her son finds joy in making people laugh. He didn’t just get people to chuckle with this stunt — the young boy spiked up their pulse rate.

Whether people loved him or ran away, he turned into an overnight sensation with his social media post going viral. “We actually got a message from people asking for him to be at their kid’s birthday party,” Reed said.

Now taking bookings — Jackson will deliver performances guaranteed to keep people on the edge of their seats.


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