Curious Dog Fetches Unlikely Toy


Playing fetch is often a dog’s favorite pastime. One pup got a bit too excited enjoying her game of fetch, bringing a goose back to her owner instead of a ball.

Violet, a lively golden retriever, was out for a walk with her owner when she dove into a pond at the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island in Ann Morrison Park to chase her beloved ball. Paddling back to the edge of the pond, Violet had somehow managed to nab a baby goose, gently holding the bird in her mouth.

Owner Patty Carter found the moment amusing. She made sure to catch Violet on video, saying behind the camera: “Violet, are you for real right now?” On camera, Violet looks wet and as content as ever. Thankfully, she dropped the bird on the concrete and went off to look for more treasure in the pond.

The 28-year-old decided to post the video on TikTok to show off her curious pooch. The adorable moment has since been viewed over 12.2 million times, with over 1.8 million likes and 10,000 comments to boot.

Several people loved how gentle Violet was able to be with the animal. One person wrote: “A retriever that retrieves and with a soft mouth…..Good girl Violet.”

Another user commented: “She was only doing what she was bred to do. She has what’s called a soft mouth. Doesn’t damage the duck when retrieving.”

And don’t worry, the baby goose was not harmed in the making of the video. Carter made sure to share a separate video of the bird swimming away.


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