Cyclist Fined for Using Stolen Wallet Dropped by Fox


A cyclist has appeared in court for using stolen bank cards he found on the street that was dropped by an actual fox. Yes, you read the sentence correctly.

The furry friend snatched the wallet from under a car in Cowley, Oxfordshire, England, before dropping it onto the street. That’s when Qasim Hussain found the wallet while he was cycling and decided to treat himself on the victim’s dime.

The 36-year-old used the discovered bank cards at the BP garage on Oxford Road to buy nearly $90 worth of cigarettes and alcohol. He then attempted to use the cards four other times but got declined. At this point, the person whose wallet was missing most likely noticed the disappearance and canceled the cards.

The owner of the wallet decided to check his CCTV to see if he could find the perp, only to discover the sly fox taking it from underneath his car. The footage also shows Hussain cycling away with the goods.

Appearing before the magistrates’ court, Hussain pleaded guilty to fraud by false representation. During his hearing, he also admitted to stealing over $400 worth of chocolate from two Sainsbury’s stores on separate occasions. The prosecutor for the case, Anne Sawyer-Brandish told the Oxford Magistrates’ Court that Hussain had 45 previous convictions on top of these new crimes.

Hussain had previously struggled with drug abuse but was now working with addiction charity Turning Point and receiving a methadone prescription. He was ordered to pay a $300 compensation to Sainsbury’s and a $25 victim surcharge.


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