Daredevil Strikes a Pose at Niagara Falls


Most people seek to live life to the fullest and people create all sorts of bucket list items worth doing before the end of time. What might appear to be a mad stunt to someone may be a thrilling adventure to another. Why cast a judgmental eye? If you want to risk your life at the edge of the falls for a TikTok video, go for it. Officers can pick up the body after the video shooting if required.

TikTok user Phantabae shared a video of a person posing with his face mask and capturing photographs in a high-risk setting near the edge of Niagara Falls. He may take precautionary safety measures for the coronavirus seriously with the face mask but he has more pressing problems. One wrong step and he would be swimming down the falls.

The user warned people against modeling his reckless behavior. He discloses his experience as a professional daredevil and people should not attempt to imitate his stunts.

Niagara Mayor Jim Diodati was not impressed by the stunts. “This type of stunt is a really bad idea. It’s exactly what we don’t need here in Niagara Falls,” Diodati said.

“It sets a poor example for kids, and they think it’s all about getting more views on social media. It’s really unfortunate where that’s going on,” he added.

Social media has people compulsively following others like herds of sheep. If you do not value your life, then, by all means, continue racking up the views on TikTok. We will have memorable footage for the funeral ceremony.


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