Daring Man Sends Nudes to Female Police Officer


Lau Kian Tiong, a 58-year-old man from Singapore, is looking to seek revenge after his legal complaint remains unaddressed. Tiong claimed that he had visited the Central Police Division headquarters after an officer’s instructions. The officer requested him to file a complaint at the police headquarters for his alleged offense. Since filing the complaint, he has not heard back with a response.

He got dirty in his attempt to grab the attention of the investigation officer, which consisted of a less than PG email. It was not an ordinary follow-up requesting the status of the case.

His emails featured pictures of his penis and an obscene suggestion. The email read: “Hi, good morning, my dear wife. Please help me with oral sex because my penis is really itchy. Thank you so much.”

The unsolicited email caught the attention of the recipient. The 36-year-old officer is definitely closer to his daughter’s age than his wife’s age.

Police officers at Orchard Neighbourhood Police Centre found Tiong lingering outside the police station. He was seen taking pictures with his mobile and they screened him for further information. They reached out to the officer in charge of his case, and a search of his phone exposed the emails he sent.

Tiong pled guilty to two counts of sexual exposure. As a result, he was under custody for nine weeks.

The accused expressed remorse for acting on the impulse of his emotions. He said: “Sir because I did it out of a fit of anger, I hope for a lighter sentence. I’m already in regret and frustration over this.”

The female officer will struggle to look at the man the same way. Some things cannot be unseen.


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