Deliveroo Customer Sues After Food Arrived 3 Hours Late


Waiting on a food delivery order can make anyone’s stomach rumble. One customer had to wait a little longer than most, waiting for over three hours for her food to arrive.

Fae Holliday’s burger and fries were supposed to be delivered within 30 minutes. Instead, the food didn’t arrive until after midnight, long after Holliday had given up. She had already gone to bed on an empty stomach when the food arrived at her door.

Holliday refused to take the $45 meal and demanded a refund. Deliveroo ignored her complaints, charged her the full price for the meal and thanked her for the feedback. How kind.

Holliday could’ve given up there but she decided to take the company to court. Deliveroo offered no evidence in the case and settled for around $90. Although this may not seem like a big payout, it does open the door for other customers to make similar claims.

“I took a stand and I’m so pleased I won — not just for me, but for other people. I tried to get a refund from Deliveroo but it was like talking to a robot. I spent an hour arguing with them so I decided to give them a headache. If I’d lost, I’d have faced some hefty fees,” Holliday said.

Deliveroo released an apology regarding the situation, saying: “We’re pleased to have reached a resolution and the claim has been settled.”


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