Delivery Driver Drops Pizza After Tip Disagreement


A U.K. man is furious after his pizza delivery driver purposely dropped his pizza after the two disagreed over the tip. In the United Kingdom, tipping isn’t as necessary as it is in other countries.

The man wrote a post on Reddit about his experience. He mentioned he’d been in the process of painting his house for two days, which is why he ordered pizza two days in a row. On the first night, he had no problems with his order. On the second, that’s when things took a horrible turn.

Both nights, a young woman, presumably American by her accent, delivered the pizza. The first night, she remained on his porch while he said his goodbyes. And during the second delivery, “she made a face when I opened the door and instead of handing me the pizza, she put it on the ground,” said the man.

Although COVID-19 non-contact delivery protocols were still a regular, the woman “clearly purposefully placed it in the only puddle that was near my door. On her way out, she made a comment (I don’t think I was supposed to hear that) ‘that’s for not tipping.'”

The man continued: “My pizza was completely ruined as the box got soaked from the bottom. I hated having to do that but I called the pizza place to get a replacement pizza. I explained the situation and the owner told me that it wasn’t the first time this happened and that he’d deal with it. My neighbour told me that apparently she got fired.”

Many people took to the comments on the post to explain the difference between tipping in the U.K. and the U.S. Tipping is customary in the United States, which is potentially what could have prompted this harsh reaction from the pizza delivery woman.

One user wrote: “Tipping is basically mandatory in the US. In the UK, not so much. Girl needs to understand where she lives now.”

Another commented: “While another said: “You didn’t get her fired. She got herself fired for her behaviour. She needs a crash course in the difference in tipping culture between the US and the UK.”

Regardless of the difference, this is one pizza delivery gone horribly wrong.


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