Delivery Robot Breaks Free


It’s not often that you probably come across a delivery robot, even less so that you find one rolling through the woods.

Matthew McCormack was on a bike ride when he came across a lone delivery robot in the woods of Northampton in the United Kingdom. “We have them all over town for grocery deliveries, but I was surprised to see it so far from the shops, so I took a picture of it,” the history professor said.

The little robot looked on quite a mission drifting so far away from where it should be. To share the moment, McCormack posted the hilarious photo of the robot on Twitter, receiving quite a response. The post went viral, getting over 18,000 retweets and over 245,000 likes.

Some of the comments on the post are too funny not to share. One person wrote: “Oh to be a delivery robot lost in the woods. No responsibilities, no job, no thoughts, just trees and freedom.”

Another user commented: “I hope this email doesn’t find you. I hope you are an escaped delivery robot in the woods of Northampton. I hope you are free.”

The company that makes the delivery robots, Starship Technologies, has also been in touch with McCormack since his tweet. They apparently “absolutely love” his message.

Although only one lucky robot could break the mold of its nine-to-five life to roam freely, who knows how many more shall follow in its footsteps.


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