Deliveryman Goes for a Volcano Hike


It’s not only military officers that dedicate their lives to the service of others. Food is life, right? A Japanese deliveryman puts his life on the line to feed a few mouths. His life might be at risk but at least the delivery attempt is successful.

Hungry tourists were looking for food after a rigorous hike up Mount Fuji, so they dialed an Indonesian delivery company called Gojek. They accepted the order request despite the far distance.

Media footage revealed a deliveryman trekking up to the peak of an active volcano to carry the food to the starving tourists. The lengthy hike lasted six hours, which makes us question whether the delivery fees are worth the effort.

Although income might be a questionable motive for the job, customer service is a priority. He makes a six-hour hike look effortless as he reaches the top of the mountain, hands over the food, and waves goodbye. He displayed no sign of frustration or annoyance towards the customers.

After the delivery drop-off, he turns back to make his way down from the summit. It was more complicated than the average home delivery as this is Japan’s tallest peak and an active volcano measuring about 12,388 feet.

The tourists got to enjoy the scenic view with a full stomach.


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