“Denture Adventure” Ends With Teeth Reunited With Owner


Losing anything while swimming can be heartbreaking but what about losing your dentures?

A Wisconsin man who lost his dentures in the Gulf of Mexico was able to get them back thanks to a bit of luck and the power of the internet. Aaron Welborn was vacationing in Gulf Shores when he happened to notice the teeth while he was snorkeling near the shore.

“They actually scared me. I was like, where’s the rest of this guy’s teeth?” Welborn said.

From Mississippi, Aaron and his wife Blaire take a vacation to Gulf Shores every year, this one is up there as the most memorable.

Randy Williams, the denture’s owner, was in the water when the wind blew his hat off. A wave hit him alongside the head and he felt the dentures drop into his hand before they fell into the ocean. He had already made his way back home to Wisconsin when, less than a week later, Welborn discovered the teeth two miles west of where they’d been dropped.

Thankfully, Williams’ name had been imprinted on the dentures but finding the right one proved to be easier than expected. Welborn took to Facebook to post photos of the teeth and within no time, the correct Randy Williams was found.

“At first I thought it was somebody playing a joke on me and I said, yeah cause I didn’t know and she said, ‘My cousin found them,’ and I’m like, are you serious and she’s like, ‘Yeah’ and she gave me his phone number,” Williams said.

Unfortunately, Williams had to spend the remainder of his trip cutting shrimp into small pieces but luckily was able to save an extra $2,000 in replacement dentures because of Welborn’s discovery.


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