Depressed Parrot Tells New Owners to F*** Off


This foul-mouthed feathered friend has finally found his voice again after his owner’s passing.

Jesse, an African grey parrot, first arrived at the Ashley Heath Animal Centre down in the dumps after losing his owner. He was so depressed that he even began plucking out his own feathers.

Most parrots are extremely vocal, but nine-year-old Jesse would only ever whisper “goodbye” to the RSPCA Staff.

“He seemed lonely and depressed after such a loss… We knew we needed to get Jesse into a home environment as quickly as possible,” behaviour and welfare advisor Hannah Hawkins said.

After just 24 hours in his new home, Jesse’s personality completely changed. He’s become known for his rude sounds and crude language. “He loves to make fart noises, jokes and swears. His language is awful,” owner Rachel said.

Jesse has been getting a little too comfortable in his new home with dog behaviourist Rachel Leather, who already has two dogs and five cats along with the rest of her family.

One of Jesse’s favourite jokes is shouting ‘babe’ to Rachel to get her attention, and then telling her to “f*** off.” He learned this from Rachel’s partner, who often calls her babe. Also, Jesse will respond to Rachel when she tells him he’s funny with “Yes, f***ing hilarious.”

“He even watches my partner play Playstation and laughs when his character has died,” Rachel said.

Rachel can’t wait to see how Jesse’s personality will continue to grow as he continues to make himself more at home.

“We absolutely love him.”


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