Deputies Fish Out Hand From Florida Canal

When fishing, who knows what you might find? A person fishing in Florida called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office after they discovered what looked like a hand at the bottom of the canal.

Deputies from the sheriff’s office said the hand was sitting in roughly three feet of water behind a home off Pine Island Road in Matlacha, Florida. It turns out, the human hand was actually just the hand of a broken mannequin.

“It looks real, yeah, if you see it laying in the water,” David Marsch said.

Regardless of the fake hand, deputies do treat each call as if it were the real deal. This isn’t the first time they’ve received a call that ended up being downgraded once they started investigating either.

Deputies nearly had to do the same thing back on Fort Myers Beach back in January 2023. A resident there thought they found a body in a canal but it turned out to just be a nutcracker statue.

“I’m sure with the hurricane, you’re finding a lot of different stuff in these canals,” Dan Gabriel said. “And God still knows what’s under the water.”

Source: https://nbc-2.com/news/weird/2023/03/10/deputies-fish-out-hand-from-matlacha-canal-ends-up-being-from-broken-mannequin/