Devoted Wife Hires Multiple Mistresses


Romantic love stirs up a host of emotions: affection, loyalty, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, etc. A lady from Thailand bypassed the negative emotions and acted in a way that most women would not dare to match. She outsourced the duties of a wife to give her husband the best possible experience.

Pattheema Chamnan, 44, posted a job opportunity where she plans to hire three mistresses to keep her husband content. She is willing to pay a wage of $415. The ladies must be single, beautiful and educated with a college diploma. Candidates have applied to the wild posting and Chamnan has currently shortlisted two women.

Chamnan expressed worries that dissatisfaction in the sex life between couples can break a marriage. She said: “I haven’t been sleeping with my husband and it makes me feel like I’m not a good wife.” The mistresses will spice up the bedroom to save her marriage from burning to ashes.

Chamnan reflected on his high sex drive: “It is important that they can please my husband physically. He is a man and needs that, he still has a high drive and lots of energy.” If her man does not get an orgasm, the deal is off.

The lady is not mentally stable. Chamnan opened up about struggling with chronic depression and requiring more hands on the deck to manage the household.

Mistresses must be a complete package because Chamnan is uncompromising with her standards. Her husband deserves the best. Chamnan said: “His mistresses must also be able to keep him company and entertain him, so they must have a good personality and be fun.”

What was her husband’s reaction to this arrangement? He said: “I never wanted to have any mistress but since my wife is offering, I won’t reject.”

Word of advice for other husbands from the lucky man: “Other men that wish to be like me should communicate with their wives about it. They should ask their wives for permission so there won’t be problems in the future.”

Ask away but just remember that not all requests have favorable results. Some questions spiral into more marital conflict.


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