Diamond Ring Goes Sailing


A diamond ring is a treasure that most people value with their life. It seemed like one woman could care less about the rock on her finger when she sent her ring sailing into the Charles River.

A couple were visiting the Charlesgate Yacht Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for a relaxing day when it turned into anything but. The woman dropped her ring into the river and sent the Cambridge Fire Department on a race to recover the ring.

The department’s Dive Team and Marine Unit were on the case and quickly determined that the water in the area did not seem hazardous to rescuers. The divers plunged into the river and followed the couple’s directions to where they believed the ring had fallen into the water.

With such a large amount of water and such a small ring, you would think it would be nearly impossible to find the ring. Luckily for the couple, firefighters were able to recover the ring within minutes.

The Cambridge Fire Department made a Facebook post about the incident. The post went into more detail about the situation and the recovery.

“This is an amazing example of using our training for public service and a terrific opportunity for the Dive and Marine Unit members to practice working together,” they wrote.


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