Diamond Ring or Sparkling Mushroom?


A diamond ring is a beautiful way to show a loved one you care. Most people say the bigger the better but this isn’t your normal diamond ring.

An Indian jewelry company earned a Guinness World Record when it set a staggering 24,679 diamonds in a single ring. Yes, you read that correctly. Over 20,000 diamonds are on a single ring.

Of course, the piece of jewelry is also larger than most, weighing in at 12 ounces. SWA Diamonds earned the record for the large ring, which was dubbed “Ami,” Sanskrit for “immortality.”

The design of the ring was based on the pink oyster mushroom. “The mushroom represents immortality and longevity,” Abdul Gafur Anadiyan, managing director at SWA Diamonds, said.

To achieve the desired design, a prototype of the ring was first created using a plastic mold and then recreated digitally. After 3D printing, liquid gold was then poured into the mold, cooled and filed into the overall shape of 41 unique mushroom petals.

As the ring was one-of-a-kind in terms of filaments and design, it took SWA Diamonds almost three months to complete the computer-aided design (CAD). The natural diamonds set in the ring were certified as conflict-free by Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

If you’ve got the cash, the ring will only set you back about $95,243. Cheap compared to what some jewelry pieces go for.


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