Dine In Sorrow With 9/11 Food Menu


Some people are emotional eaters who can swallow down food in seconds as a way to cope and numb difficult emotions. The rest of us lose our appetite when feelings of anxiety and sadness arise. It’s hard to find the will to eat when you remember the lives cut short in the tragedy of 9/11.

The Clubhouse at Aquia Harbour in Manassas launched a special 9/11 menu with items called “Remember-tini,” “Flight 93 Redirect” and “Pentagon Pie.” People were offended by the insensitive names to restaurant dishes, prompting the manager, George White, to publicly apologize. “I apologize for those I offended with the 9/11 seafood Sunday post,” the post stated.

“My intention was to bring attention to that horrific day 21 years ago,” White added. “To honor those who lost so much as well as those who gave everything that day. We will have a new theme tomorrow.”

A Twitter response to this old theme: “Incredible. Hopefully, they’ll be properly shamed for this.”

The restaurant creativity brought back the horrors of the 9/11 incident for its potential customers. Thinking outside the box clearly didn’t work as there are better ways to honor the lives than with a seafood palette. Back to the brainstorming board for less offensive dish names.


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