Diner Discovers 100 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Footprints


When heading out for brunch during the weekend, maybe you’ll also be lucky enough to unearth an incredible discovery that’s not just some bomb French toast. A patron dining at a restaurant in southwest China uncovered dinosaur footprints when looking at the stone floor of the courtyard.

The proper authorities were called to the restaurant to investigate, along with paleontologists to identify the footprints. It turns out that the footprints did belong to two dinosaurs who walked the planet around 100 million years ago.

One of the paleontologists, Dr. Lida Xing, and his team used a 3D scanner to confirm the imprints were left by sauropods. Sauropods were monstrous plant-eaters with small heads and long necks and tails.

Although the dinosaurs to walked the Earth millions of years ago, this discovery, along with others only adds to the exciting time for paleontological research currently happening.

“I would say that right now, China, in particular with regards to dinosaur footprints, is undergoing a fossil renaissance. A lot of new and exciting spots are being discovered. I have to say, I’ve never gone to a restaurant to discover dinosaur tracks,” Scott Persons, a paleontologist at the College of Charleston, said.


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