Ditch The Airplane for The Hot Air Balloon


How far will you go to stay loyal to your favorite sports team?

Three Rangers die-hard fans requested the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Team to fly them over to Seville by a hot air balloon to the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium.

Airfares to Andalucia are skyrocketing, and many Light Blues supporters are opting for flights with multiple layovers in Switzerland, Morocco, and Norway for the Europa League final against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Due to increasing demand with limited supply, prices for accommodation and tickets have also risen drastically.

The company announced a claim stating: “OK, everyone, we received the message by three different people, asking about balloon flights over the Channel to France. We can confirm we do not fly over the Channel. If this is a joke, it is a funny one.”

Fans do not give up easily on their players, but if they choose this mode of transport, it could take up to two months to reach southern Spain from Scotland.

The first attempt to book a hot air balloon for the game was unsuccessful as there are many obstacles to address to make it happen.

Wendy Rousell, secretary of the British Balloon and Airship Club, said: “We can only fly with the wind, so whilst we have a small amount of steerage, as the wind can change direction slightly at different heights, being that precise over that distance would be very difficult.”

She added: “Depending on the daytime temperature, flights may only take place in the morning and evening. The fans may miss the game.” A two-month trek that results in a missed game will be a tragedy.

The size of the basket will not be able to accommodate all of the supporters since balloons hold one pilot and up to 16 passengers. Multiple baskets will not be worth the cost as planes will be cheaper.

Dedicated fans will need to create a Plan B for an alternate strategy to the game.


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