Ditch the Grill and Cook on the Fridge


Are you looking for ways to save on home appliances? If you have a mini fridge lying around, you may be able to re-purpose it for cooking up burgers outside during the summertime.

Danny Haw, a 30-year-old man from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, shared a video of him cooking burgers on top of a fridge in 30 minutes. This meal was possible thanks to the hottest temperature in history in the UK — a high of 37 degrees.

The afternoon heat made him pivot from turning on the oven. Before this cooking experiment, he prepared bacon and eggs successfully on the top surface of the fridge. He decided to expand his menu by giving burgers a trial run.

The TikTok video shows Haw placing the beef patties on top of the fridge in his backyard. He spray-painted the fridge black to attract more heat from the sun’s rays.

Haw flipped the meat with a scraper. His technique worked well as the patty turned brown from the heat. He moved back to take a distant shot of his fridge chilling in the middle of his driveway while letting nature take over the preparation of this dish.

No BBQ is complete without toasted burger buns, so he toasted them on the surface for a few minutes. Then after it was ready, he assembled his burger and gobbled it down.

His final verdict? Haw said: “It tasted absolutely great — delicious even.”

A commentator wrote: “Cost of living crisis got so bad the sun helping us now.” The lower electricity bills are a nice bonus to this preparation style.

Another person was confused at the hack: “Not sure you should eat that with the black paint.. might be a bit chemically.”

If Haw gets food poisoning, at least he had a pleasurable experience eating it before ending up with a smelly waterfall in the toilet.


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