Dive Bar for the Alcoholic With a Sweet Tooth


Dive bars are the place to be with the sticky, stuffy and old-style set-up luring people in for a memorable experience. The cheap drinks are affordable for the frugal booze lover. If people can’t get enough of that atmosphere, they can experience that lingering feeling in their mouth with this new ice cream bar flavor.

Miller High Life, a beer company, collaborated with Tipsy Scoop, a creamery known for blending hand-crafted ice cream with mixed alcohol cocktails. Together they launch a classic dive way in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the ice cream bar.

Customers can taste the essence of the dive bar without the sweat and germs found on the filthy floor. The germaphobes can lick away without any hesitations.

The product description reads: “There is nothing quite like the tastes, smells, and feels of a dive bar. The immediate smell of history when you walk in because the bar is undoubtedly old, the peanuts on the bartop that are free to eat, your feet sticking to the floor, the dim and dark lighting no matter what time of day it feels like night, and aroma of smoke that doubles as cologne for those in the bar.”

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who gag in food aversion to the bizarre flavor and others who barge through the door to get their hands on the bar. This innovative ice cream line is for people who belong to the latter category.

Whether you love peanut swirls, a hint of tobacco, gooey caramel, carbonated candy, or dark chocolate, there is a tempting combination for your taste buds. Based on the description, each pack contains six individually wrapped Ice Cream Dive Bars carefully packaged in a limited edition Ice Cream Dive Bar box.

Skip the trip to the dive bar and unravel this packaging for a taste like no other. Warning: You may vomit or binge. Either way, you can’t say you didn’t try it.


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