‘Dive-Bombing’ Crows Cause Ruckus


Who knew birds could be so protective over their young? The residents of Hermosa Beach are learning firsthand about the aggressiveness of crows at a popular local park.

The birds have made their homes for the year in the trees at Noble Park. As they raise their young, the birds become highly territorial and will go after anyone who nears their nests. They’re not afraid of anything either, having attacked both people and their dogs in the past.

“They’re just coming out of the trees and kind of dive-bombing you and trying to get you out of the park,” said Dan Cohen, a resident that was recently attacked by the crows. The birds aren’t as vicious as the ones in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds but it’s unsure exactly what lengths they will go to to protect their little ones.

As to what local businesses are doing to fight back, a nearby hotel affected by the dive-bombing birds has tried hiring a professional falconer that comes in with a trained hawk twice a week to scare the animals.

“Crows get facial recognition. They know how to fashion tools to get food. They’re omnivorous, will eat anything,” said Bob Shanman, a wild bird expert.

Shannon also said that crows give birth in May and June, making them even more protective during this time of year. Although experts claim the birds are harmless, it’s recommended to wear a hat when in Noble Park and to avoid the park in the morning when crows are feeding. If you have a dog, it’s best to keep them close and on a leash.


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