Dive Into This Underwater Festival


Summer means festival season and one fete is treating its clientele to a unique experience. The Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival is a music festival cranking out ocean-themed classic hits like “Yellow Submarine” and the theme song to “The Little Mermaid.”

Divers and snorkelers took part in the event with many dressing as mermaids and other sea creatures. Guests enjoyed music played through waterproof speakers dangling from boats floating above the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

The festival took place at Looe Key Reef, the United States’ only living coral barrier reef. The event is put on to raise awareness of how divers can protect the reef. Doing things like not touching the corals, avoiding littering underwater, using mooring buoys instead of anchoring when boating, and respecting dive flags can help minimize environmental impacts.

Participants enjoyed a day in the water, filled with music and marine life and coral formations.


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