Divorced Man Sues Stepson to Recover Money Spent to Raise Him


It can be tough to go through a divorce and keep your children out of it. One man is more than willing to involve his stepson by asking for compensation for raising him.

A few months after divorcing his wife, a Chongqing man surnamed Tang took his stepson, Liu, to court, suing him for 35,200 yuan or $5,285. This request is to be looked at as compensation for the money spent on raising Liu during the span of the marriage.

Tang married Liu’s mother in 2009 when the boy was ten years old. The woman filed for divorce in 2021 and after three months, Tang filed his lawsuit.

A video of the trial went viral in China for the absurdity of the situation. Most of the people who commented took Liu’s side, accusing Tang of taking revenge on his stepson after his marriage failed. They also mentioned that this move shows that Tang never really cared for the boy as a normal parent should.

One person commented: “Even after raising the kid for 10 years, it doesn’t seem like he ever treated him like a son. That’s so sad.”

A local court in Chongqing did deny Tang’s request, ruling that the expenses he was seeking compensation for had been paid voluntarily to him while in the marriage.

“Tang chose to support Liu, despite knowing he didn’t have a legal responsibility to pay for his university study as Liu had reached 18 years of age. In China, children are legally adults once 18, and parents are no longer expected to cover their living expenses,” the presiding court judge said.


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