Do You Even Lift, Bro?


A man from the United Kingdom is taking going to the gym to the next level by beating a record that has stood for over 10 years. Steve Keeler set the record for the heaviest deadlift with one finger.

Using only his middle finger, the martial artist deadlifted 285.49 pounds for eight seconds in February 2022. He showcased the incredible strength of his finger in Ashford, Kent, surrounded by the cheers of the audience.

“It’s incredibly painful, but my fingers are strong and I am proud of my lift,” Keeler said.

To break the record, he lifted six iron weight discs all at once. The smallest measured at 10 kilograms and the largest measuring at 26 kilograms. The 48-year-old has been strength training for the past four years for this moment but has been a martial artist since he was a teenager.

It was when he was practicing karate when Keeler was 18 that he discovered his hand had great strength using judo grips. He also realized using his bare hands could cut through blocks with ease. During strength training sessions, he lifted a set with only his middle finger. The rest is history.

Keeler looked up what the current Guinness World Records title for his niche was and got to work. The previous record, held by Benik Israyelyan, had remained unbeaten for ten years. Israyelyan’s record was set by lifting 50 kilograms more than Keeler had ever done before.

Israyelyan lifted 257.72 pounds with his right middle finger in 2011. Keeler was able to best the record by almost 10 kilograms.


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