Do You Have Legs? You Are Hired!


Time is a scarce resource and people will always go the extra mile to save some time.

A possible business opportunity is being a professional line stander. People get paid to wait in lengthy lines to get certain goods and services.

Robert Samuel, the founder of Same Ole Line Dudes based in New York, saves people the waiting times. His team provides line-standing services to get the latest Apple iPhone and the highly anticipated concert tickets.

His business has evolved with the demands of the people. Their team has started to stand in lines for sporting events and more recently, COVID-19 vaccines.

As a premium add-on, Same Ole Line Dudes offer purchases and delivery where people do not need to come in even when the wait is over. There is shipping available for people who do not live in New York.

Samuel thought of this lucrative business idea when “Hamilton” tickets were popular. When Lin-Manuel Miranda left as a cast member, tickets for his final shows skyrocketed to $15,000. However, people were still able to purchase the tickets at face value if they got them on the first day of sale. He waited outside for 4-5 days and began his business by charging $5,000 for two tickets.

There’s people out there that are willing to pay big bucks to avoid unpleasant tasks. They will happily outsource the mundane tasks of waiting if their time can be more productive on another activity.

Some jobs do not require extensive education and training. They just require people to think creatively like Same Ole Line Dudes.


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