Do Your Laundry in a Plastic Bag


Finding somewhere to do laundry on vacation can be difficult to find. A solution for this problem comes in the form of a plastic zipper bag.

The Attack Zero washing bag is a creation from the Japanese company Kao. The five-liter bag is designed to offer users the ability to do their laundry from anywhere. All you need is the laundry bag and some water.

After filling the Attack Zero bag with water, the detergent included with the bag will help wash the clothes. To activate, close the zipper and shake to ensure the clothes are completely soaked. Then, gently rub the bag as if you were washing laundry by hand. The next step is to unscrew a small valve on the side of the bag to let the dirty water out. To complete the cycle, fresh water can be added the rinse the laundry and that process can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Although this laundry bag seems like a simple product, it’s perfect for situations where a washing machine or electricity is nowhere to be found. Many people claim the device is good for up to ten rounds of laundry, making it great for small road trips or vacations.


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