Doctor Warns What Eating Raw Meat Can Do to Your Poop


Several people have been following the recent craze of eating a strictly raw meat diet, but do you ever wonder what all that protein does to your poop?

Dr. Anthony Youn took to his TikTok account to react to a staple in the carnivore community, the “Liver King.” The Liver King, otherwise known as Brian Johnson, credits his raw meat diet for allowing him “optimum health” and shares videos online of his daily eats, which always include raw liver.

A plastic surgeon and popular social media personality, Dr. Youn is known for reacting to crazy videos and regularly shares his expertise with his 7.7 million TikTok followers. This raw meat video was no exception.

In the video, the Liver King is seen showing off his meal, which includes a plate piled with raw beef and raw egg yolks, paired with a jar filled with chopped livers and a side of bone marrow.

When watching the Liver King’s video, Dr. Youn was concerned about the apparent lack of fibre in his diet, which he believes could very well lead to some uncomfortable bathroom trips.

The doctor commented: “How does he poop? There’s seriously no fibre in any of this food and I have friends who eat no vegetables and I swear they sit on the can for an hour.”

He went on to say that if he himself were to ever try the caveman diet, he would need to be manually disimpacted, a process that involves removing a person’s stools using a gloved finger.

“I would literally have to stick my hand up my butt and pull out huge boulders,” he said.

Dr. Youn added that he’d rather be known as “Green Smoothie King” to avoid any bowel complications in the future.


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