Doctor Wife Plots to Kill Her Husband


A divorce takes a financial and emotional toll on couples whose marital dreams are shattered. An alternative path to end the conflicts could be to poison the spouse. When the spouse is no longer alive, it eliminates the cause of the frustrations. Problem solved.

Yue “Emily” Yu, a dermatologist in California, allegedly poisoned her radiologist husband, Jack Chen, after a troublesome history of family abuse. Yu has mistreated her spouse and two children with her narcissist tendencies. The disturbing family dynamics hit a new low when she poured Drano drain cleaner in his hot lemonade several times. Forget cleaning the house — she needs the man dead.

Chen now seeks a restraining order and divorce after a rocky marriage of ten years. He has peaked in his tolerance of enabling unhealthy behavior. The court did grant him a restraining order and arrested his wife after viewing a video from a nanny cam that revealed proof of the poisoning incident.

According to court documents, “When Emily gets frustrated and yells at the children, she’ll commonly use a Chinese phrase that translates to ‘go die!’ She also says to the children, ‘your head has a problem, ‘your head is sick, ‘go f–k yourself,’ ‘f–-ing idiot,’ ‘stupid a–hole,’ and ‘get the f–k out of my way.'”

Yu’s mother, Yuqin “Amy” Gu, made issues worse for the family members as she joined her daughter in the abuse. Chen recalled that “almost daily I would be insulted by Amy saying I ‘act like a thug’ and I ‘don’t act like a man.’ Emily would call me an ‘f—ing a—hole’ and other insults.”

Based on Chen’s statement, Yu physically abused the children. She slapped their daughter after she wet the bed and hit their son at a young age. Yu was a threat to the safety of the children with her twisted parenting style.

“Our children learned Emily’s rule is everything. I am ignored and not recognized as a family member,” Chen said.

In some families, the best decision is to be separated by court orders. No one needs a toxic chemical fusion with the thirst-quenching lemonade.


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