Dog Burns The House Down For Entertainment


Pets need plenty of mental stimulation. If they are left unsupervised, they will find a way to keep themselves entertained, even if they have to take the house down for amusement.

A Missouri family had an unpleasant discovery when they returned home to a house fire started by one of their dogs. There was video surveillance revealing the guilty culprit with his troublesome behavior. In the video, the dog can be seen reaching for the top of the counter and touching the stove.

Firefighters from the Southern Platte Fire Protection District reported to the scene when they heard calls from the neighbors about a fire breaking out in a Parkville home. At the time of the house fire, no one was home except for the two dogs.

Fire officials said: “The dog activated the controls and turned on a burner. A pan from the previous night’s dinner was on top of the burner. The grease from the pain ignited the fire.”

It was a mixed bag of emotions for the homeowners. Luckily, their dogs were rescued from the premises but their house had faced severe damage from the fire. They definitely did not budget for these expenses as part of the costs associated with owning a dog.

Touch controls are convenient and appealing for home appliances until you find out that animal paws can activate the controls. This dog found a way to switch on the stove’s touch control and made it look effortless. Unfortunately, dogs are more likely to burn down houses with this added feature than cook a three-course meal.


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