Dog Catches Home Run Ball During Spring Training Game

Dogs love to play fetch so when there’s any type of ball thrown their way, they’re more than likely going to snag it. A pup stole the show at a spring training game when it managed to catch a home run ball that was batted its way.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were taking on the Kansas City Royals on March 25, 2023, when the four-legged friend watched Dodgers prospect Michael Busch send a ball flying over the fence in its direction. While fans scrambled for the ball, the pup waited it out and ended up with the prize.

Supporters erupted in cheers once they saw the dog with a pretty impressive fetch, which came during the seventh inning of the spring training game. With the pup wanting to play some more fetch, he eventually gave up the ball to its owner, a man wearing a K-9 Dodgers jersey, to lift in celebration.

Despite losing 6-3 against the Royals, at least Dodgers fans still got to witness some excitement during the game. Opening Day of the new MLB season started yesterday so who knows, we may see some more puppy action throughout the year.