Dog Dons Hannibal Lecter Face Mask Outdoors


Pups can get into all sorts of bad things when outdoors. That’s why one dog owner resorted to slapping a Hannibal Lecter-looking mask on her pooch to stop her from “eating grasshoppers like they’re skittles.”

Megan Lasuzzo’s French bulldog Olive kept giving herself a stomach ache with her grasshopper snacking. To resolve the problem, Lasuzzo discovered a dog mask on Amazon for $13 that was normally used by vets and groomers.

The 32-year-old confirmed that Olive only wears the mask for a few minutes at a time while being supervised so she can enjoy the garden without eating any insects.

“She’s not allowed to eat them because it gives her an upset tummy — they give her diarrhea — but she eats them like skittles so she has to wear this mask.

“She can still open her mouth and breathe and pant; the mask really just makes her less accurate at hunting, capturing and consuming the grasshoppers,” Lasuzzo said.

Credit: Megan Lasuzzo/SWNS/Zenger

Olive wouldn’t stop at just eating one grasshopper either. She was actively hunting the bugs and eating multiple whenever she was able to frolic around the backyard. Now, Olive is using the mask as a training tool to get her to stop, which continues to be a work in progress.

“We also get a lot of comments about how she looks like and some really clever comments like ‘she was born in the barkness’ or ‘houndable lecter’ or ‘Hannibal licktor,'” Lasuzzo said.


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