Dog Farting Awareness Day — Yes, It Is a Real Thing


Every spring, the flowers start to bloom, the days get longer and Dog Farting Awareness Day rolls around. And yes, it is a real thing!

Each year, on April 8, we’re meant to celebrate the horrendous odour that is our dog’s anal emissions. To delve deeper and commemorate this occasion, it’s time to break down dog farts Although not a federally recognized holiday, Dog Farting Awareness Day was born on social media and first took place in 2014. It was started as an effort between the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, the Heritage Humane Society, and various dog owners.

Created as more of a reason to get some laughs, the holiday has since expanded to drawing attention to the potential health issues a dog’s gas could indicate. Plus, everyone loves a good fart joke every now and then.

Dogs fart because they literally need to to survive. Just as humans, dogs’ intestines produce gases as they digest food and it’s necessary for them to get rid of that gas one way or another. No cause for concern if you catch a whiff of something foul from their behinds every once in a while. But if your dog farts a lot, something could be wrong down there.

The most common cause for increased gas is if they happened to swallow air. Most of the time this happens is if they eat or drink too fast, especially if you have more than one dog and they eat together.

A sedentary lifestyle can also be the root of the problem. If a dog eats something it shouldn’t, such as beans, dairy or high-fat or high-fibre foods, it can cause major problems for your pup.

Lastly, lots of farting could mean your dog is sick. Inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, parasites, or cancer could be the result of farting too much. It’s important to talk to your vet if you notice Fido blasting off way more farts than usual.

Gassiest Dog Breeds

Some dogs just let it rip more than others. Below are the breeds that are known to be born gassier.

  • Pugs: Pugs are like most brachycephalic dogs, which often have trouble breathing. As a result, they let a few rip every now and then.
  • Golden Retrievers: It’s unknown why Golden Retrievers fart so much. They’re a larger breed, which does tend to have more gas than the everyday lap dog.
  • Dobermans: Just as with Golden Retrievers, Dobermans most likely fart more because they are a larger dog breed. And honestly, what’s the shame in that?
  • Boxers: Boxers tend to have sensitive stomachs, but they’re also voracious eaters. All that
  • English Bulldogs: The gassier the better! English bulldogs are known for being the gassiest breed in the world! This stems from the breathing issues of brachycephalic dogs, along with a boxer’s sensitive stomachs.


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