Dog Learns to Play Hopscotch, Already Mastered Other Skills


A talented pooch on TikTok has recently learned how to play the children’s schoolyard game hopscotch, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about this pup. The cocker spaniel Leo has already gone viral for a few other tricks, including playing tennis, painting and learning CPR.

Although Leo has an array of tricks up his sleeve, learning hopscotch was the hardest one yet. Owner Emily Anderson, 31, has yet to see another pup try to pull off playing hopscotch, leaving her to believe that Leo’s the world’s first.

In the TikTok showing off Leo’s hopscotch skills, Anderson writes in the description: “Hopscotch! Definitely taken us the longest to learn of all the tricks we’ve done but it has also been the most fun!”

The Aberdeen, Scotland, native says it took her around three months to teach the trick to the talented Leo. She’s able to teach Leo new tricks regularly by using clicker training to help her, before rewarding him with his regular means and the occasional treat.

Anderson is always looking for new ideas because “Leo is definitely at his happiest when he’s learning something new. He just loves it. It makes him so happy.”

Since Leo is almost always learning something, Anderson rewards the pooch with his regular meals instead of treats. “We train so much, if he had treats all the time it’d make him sick. He mainly works for his meals,” she said.

Anderson’s video of Leo playing hopscotch has been viewed almost 275,000 times and people have been absolutely loving it. Several users wish their pups could do the same. And who wouldn’t love their perfect pooch to paint them a Picasso-style masterpiece?

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