Dog Missing for 8 Years Returns Home


Oftentimes, when a pup goes missing, they’re found relatively quickly and in the same neighborhood they escaped from. In this instance, a pitbull named Harley ventured off for eight years before being reunited with his family living halfway across the country.

Harley was adopted in 2013 from the Lee County Domestic Animal Services by Betsy DeHann. The location of the adoption center was Fort Myers, Florida. Within the span of a year, Harley disappeared.

“We searched and cruised and looked and put up posters and sent out the wanted, missing pet and just never stopped looking for him,” DeHaan said. Over the years, it looked like the dog was never going to find its way home. The family eventually moved to Gainesville, Missouri, and never replaced Harley.

A local family spotted a brown pitbull in a neighborhood 15 miles south of Fort Myers. Unsure of what to do, the family texted a volunteer at a local animal rescue center. Angie Bray took the dog to a local place to be scanned for a microchip and was able to identify DeHaan as Harley’s owner.

Harley was able to stay at the local animal control facility until DeHaan could drive the 1,200 miles to pick him up. “I can never thank you enough! Harley and I made it home… He’s still the same great snuggler he always was!” DeHaan commented on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post.


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