Dog Owner Spends $175 for Dramatic Diagnosis

Dogs of all shapes and sizes love to get into things they shouldn’t. One owner figured her pup had swallowed something toxic only to find out that all he had was a little extra gas in the tank.

Owner Kelly Lanier took her maltipoo Bentley to the veterinarian after he started missing meals on a regular basis, something he had never done before. She ended up having to fork over $175 for an appointment to be able to see the vet sooner, only to find out what the ‘unique’ diagnosis was.

“I was going about my day, and I noticed he had been pretty lethargic and not eating much for a few days. He has eaten things he wasn’t supposed to in the past, so I worried he had gotten into something.

“I took him to the vet and asked them to do some imaging to see if there was a blockage or a foreign object or something. Then they brought him back out and said, ‘Well there is a blockage but it’s a gas bubble, so it seems he’s just holding in a fart,'” Lanier said.

Even from when he was 10-weeks-old, Bentley has been quite the character. He’s seen as very mischievous with a flair for the dramatics. This gas bubble wasn’t too out of the ordinary for Bentley.

“This was all very on-brand for him. He sleeps right next to me and sometimes he farts in the night and it smells so bad I wake up from REM sleep. He’s all about using farts for tactical purposes,” Lanier said.

Luckily, Bentley got over his gas and was feeling within a day or two.