Dog Poo Taped to Wall by Angry Neighbor


Cleaning up dog poo is not a fun job. One dog owner decided against cleaning up their pup’s poop, leading to an angry note and a special surprise from a nearby neighbor.

A local became enraged over a neighbor’s dog constantly going number two in their flower beds. After several occasions where the owner didn’t pick up the poo, the resident was left with no other choice but to leave an irate handwritten letter describing their pain.

And not only did they leave a note but two bags of dog poo were also taped to a wall.

The note was posted on Reddit and reads: “To whom this may concern, this is your dog shit. I have a dog of my own and I use dog bags, pick it up and take it home. Cameras are going up. It is £1,000 fine.

“Also if I find out where you live I will post it through your letterbox. Stop your dog shitting in my flower beds.”

Many on Reddit sympathized with the letter saying that it was irresponsible to not pick up after your pets. One person wrote: “I mean you have to be some of the lowest of the low to let your pet shit somewhere and think ‘welp not my problem.’ Since I’ve become a dog owner a few years ago my stance on this has only strengthened.”

Another user commented: “Straight to the point. No bulls**t. Clear and effective. 10/10. This is how you handle this situation.”

At least this resident gave their neighbor a written warning before taking any next steps. Hopefully, the two bags of poop showed they meant business.


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