Dog Stuck in Tree Rescued After Chasing Squirrel

Dogs absolutely love chasing other animals. One pup got so carried away while chasing after a squirrel that it got itself stuck in a tree.

The Caldwell Fire Department received a call from the dog’s owner, Christina Danner, that the animal had made its way up the tree by running after a squirrel. The Idaho fire department usually assists with cats getting stuck in trees, not dogs, which they joked about online.

Credit: Caldwell Fire Department

“Well, definitely not a cat in a tree,” the Calwell Fire Department wrote, along with accompanying photos of the canine sitting in the branches and a firefighter carrying him down. The fire department added: “Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels.”

The dog’s name is Izzy and owner Danner said that the pup was was “never even close” to catching the squirrel he was after. Luckily, crews were able to remove the dog from the tree and Izzy returned home after the incident safe and sound.